Enhance your soil density and create a stronger root system with GWG’s top quality organic compost.

Organic Compost

Organic Compost

Bulk Organic Compost

Organic Compost

Created from hardwood trees, bark and decomposed vegetable waste, our compost blend is a top choice by today’s leading landscapers.

Mushroom Compost Growers Mix

Mushroom Compost Growers Mix

Nitrogen-rich and water efficient, this 100% organic compost made out of mushrooms, manure and wood and sand mixture is perfect for keeping your gardens, trees and shrubs hydrated in the hot summer months. Used as a mulch, soil conditioner and potting soil additive, GWG’s mushroom compost is extraordinary in quality, consistency and the results it produces.


Bedding Soil Mix

Revitalize and beautify your existing professional garden beds with GWG’s premium bedding soil. This compost and soil/sand mixture helps to increase drainage and perfect your landscaping.

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