At GWG Wood Group, we come direct to your site and take care of grinding your trees and brush and hauling them away

On-Site Wood Grinding Services

On-Site Wood Grinding Services

Whether it is grinding trees and brush for municipalities, clearing pipeline right a ways, or new construction clearing, no job is to large or small.

Our state-of-the-art grinders will successfully turn any size tree into the finest woodchips and sawdust.

Our goal at GWG is to ensure we deliver our services
promptly, safely and effectively.

We will make a site inspection of your location to determine the best way to service your wood grinding needs.

Pricing for all grinding will be presented as a quote to your specifications. You decide the best option for your needs.

By the cubic yard, by the hour or day, or the acre, GWG will guide you to the best solution for your project.

Our attention to detail allows us to exceed your expectations
from initial phone call to the final delivery.

Call us today at 866-673-8996 or 972-842-8996 to get a quote