The value of the landscaping services that
GWG Wood Group provides go far beyond our state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar equipment

Environmental Services

From our personable customer service team that listens to your every need… to our timely delivery team that gets to you on time every time… to our operations team who introduces our environmentally beneficial diversion program to your facility or business — our goal is to exceed your expectations at every single phase.

Our goal at GWG is to ensure we deliver your order promptly, safely and effectively. To help us meet that objective, please consider the following:

Confirm that the material you order matches your expectations. We advise reviewing our product photos and descriptions. You can also call us if you have any questions.
Make sure you order the right amount of material. We would hate to show up with too much or too little. Please use our calculator to determine the right amount.
Our goal is to leave your property exactly as we found it. Therefore, we will always try to deliver as close to the curb as possible. Please note that our trucks are very heavy, and damage may result if you want us to enter your lawn or driveway.
Pay careful attention to overhead obstructions. Our trucks may need 20 feet of clearance. Please confirm no trees, power lines or structures impede delivery.
Is the delivery site level? Our trucks must remain level to ensure they don’t overturn.
Despite these precautions, our drivers ultimately decide if a delivery is too dangerous or may cause damage. If they feel it is unsafe, we may require a secondary delivery.

These precautions are designed to ensure we exceed your expectations from initial phone call to the final delivery.

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