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About GWG Wood Group

About GWG Wood Group

Our continuous strive for excellence puts GWG Wood Group in a class by itself. This commitment towards excellence is clear in everything we do. From treating our customers like family, to caring for the environment, to delivering the highest quality raw materials for multiple applications.

This mission of excellence
first started 14 years ago

Kirk Grady, owner of GWG Wood Group, Inc. realized he could positively impact 3 key concerns:

Reducing Waste

Companies are faced with the dilemma of reducing their waste going into landfills as well as the growing cost of disposal

Growing Cost of Disposal

Not only does disposal come at a cost to businesses, it’s a serious detriment to the environment

Recycling Wood Residuals

There is a major need for wood residuals: Biomass fuel for renewable energy power generation, Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) for safe playgrounds, mulch and soil, solidification dust for companies that produce liquid wastes and more

That’s how GWG was born

That’s how GWG was born

Today GWG Wood Group employs 50 people and operates over $5 million dollars in equipment to provide on-site grinding and premium landscaping needs throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana

Meet Our Management Team

Kirk Grady

Founder, CEO

Peggy McClain


Melissa Gafford

Admin Manager & Controller

Ray Lewis

Operations Manager

Debbie Iacovelli

Admin Assistant/ A/P, HR

Mary Sutherland

Customer Service

Tammy Prewitt

Equipment & Vehicle Maintenance