GWG Wood Group provides wood management solutions for your wood residuals

Whether it’s clearing for a construction site or pipeline right of way or grinding bushes and trees for municipalities, we come straight to you for start to finish on-site grinding.


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Next, we divert these residuals to produce a consistent blend of rich and organic landscaping products

Among the top-quality products that municipalities, landscape architects, nurseries, playground installers, and many more consistently procure: our 100% organic, fine-textured mulch and premium soil and compost mixes.

Colored Mulch
Cedar Mulch
Hardwood Mulch
Organic Compost
Mushroom Grower’s mix
Bedding Soil
GWG Wood Group has been the preferred landscape supplier for landscape architects, municipalities, school districts, nurseries,playground installers, daycare facilities, and many more.

Dependable Supplier

You want a single, dependable source that reliably supplies all of your landscaping needs with a level of quality and service that exceeds industry standards. GWG Wood Group is that dependable source.

A Trust-Worthy Partner

Our safe, Earth-grown products are 100% consistent to our personable customer service and our punctual delivery. GWG Wood Group is the partner you can trust.

Consistently Meeting Demands

From our multi-million dollar equipment, to the continuous strive for excellence that is weaved into our culture, GWG Wood Group consistently meets your landscaping needs and on-site grinding demands.

Allow us to prove how we can consistently meet your landscaping needs and on-site grinding demands.

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